Executive Board

The executive board oversees the administration of the UGSA and serves as the first line of communication between the UGSA and the rest of the University at large. When contacting the UGSA, it is normally better to address the entire exec board to ensure that your message is heard and answered, but if you need to reach out to a particular member, they are listed here for your reference.

2015 UGSA Exec Board

From left to right: Jacob Majikes, Jessica Nash, Mohamed Desoky, Dean Grasso, Doug  Czajka, Charlena Wynn, Susan Rodriguez, and Tyler Allen

Internal Committees

All UGSA representatives serve on one of our seven internal committees in order
to work on our various programs and events. We recognize their hard work by
listing them here.

Research Recognition

Chair: Jessica Nash

  • Eli Typhina, Communication Rhetoric And Digital Media
  • Rebbeca Till, Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Youness Alvandi Tabrizi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Gabriel Firestone, Physics
  • Jessica Nash, Materials Science And Engineering
  • Qi Liu, Biomedical Engineering
  • Lauren Pellegrino, Educational Research And Policy Analysis
  • Jeremy Howard, Animal Science & Poultry Science
  • Kyle Roell, Bioinformatics
  • Christine Bradish, Horticultural Science
  • Milena Bobea, Materials Science and Engineering

Teaching Effectiveness Committee

Chair: Alex Combs

  • Jacob Dums, Plant Biology
  • Stephanie Mathews, Microbiology
  • Jonathan Wormald, Nuclear
  • Brigitte Vermon, Social Work
  • Yasmeen Mansour, Physiology, Poultry Sciences
  • Justin Ma, Crop Science
  • Patrick McLane, Economics
  • Alex Combs, Mathematics
  • Katie Kennedy, CBS/Vet Med

Social Committee

Chair: Bryan Maxwell

  • Diana Williams, Operations Research
  • Mike Cove, Zoology
  • Jennifer Lutz, Sociology
  • Megan Campbell, Communication
  • Dishit Parekh, Chemical Engineering
  • Brooke Jordan, Computer Science
  • Bryan Maxwell, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  • Adam Tassitino, Accounting
  • Nithy Poosamani, Computer Science

Community Service Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Medlock

  • Lauren Padgett, Higher Education Administration
  • Sihan Wu, Statistics
  • Samantha Smith, Chemistry
  • Elizabeth Medlock, Toxicology
  • Janelle Tracy, Business Administration
  • Leah Vang, Plant Pathology
  • Grizel Gonzalez-Jeuck, Natural Resources (Forest and Environmental)
  • Mohamed Desoky, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Sophia Yang, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
  • Veronica Mbaneme, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Special Projects and Political Action Committee

Chair: Mary Sloan

  • Keith Brannum, Public Administration
  • Caitlin Evans, Poultry Science
  • Colin Funaro, Entomology
  • Karly Meszaros, Parks Recreation and Tourism
  • Amanda Liesch, Soil Science
  • Shannon Warchol, Civil Engineering
  • Mary Sloan, International Studies
  • David Fiala, Computer Science

Department Outreach and Leadership

Chair: Maryann Tyrer

  • Li Li, Textiles
  • Susan Rodriguez/Andrew Benton, History
  • Somrita Chattopadhyay, Electrical Engineering
  • Doug Czajka, Marine Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Candalyn Rade, Psychology
  • Maryann Tyrer, Adult Education
  • Chirag Gajjar, Textiles

Publicity Committee

Chair: Katherine Myers

  • Katherine Myers, Genetics
  • Cameron Winter, English
  • Veronica Catete, Computer Science
  • Barry Peddycord III, Computer Science & Engineering


We would like to thank our faculty advisor from the Graduate School, Dr. George Hodge for his continued support and guidance in our work.