Candidates for UGSA Officer Positions

Also, Graduate Candidate Personal Statements- Please read them!
The following people are now running for each position:
  • President – David Fiala
  • Vice President of External Affairs – Shannon Warchol and Keith Brannum
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs – Chirag Gajjar
  • Treasurer – Nithyananthan Poosamani
  • Secretary – Katie Kennedy
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs – vacant
  • Vice President of Communications – Barry Peddycord, III
  • Public Relations Officer/Social Network Manager/Press Secretary – Liana Lin, Ginger Bushey, Kurleen John

Here are the compiled personal statements from all of the candidates running for a UGSA Officer position. There have been some changes since nominations closed.

Candidate Personal Statements

UGSA Relay for Life Team Fundraiser

On Wednesday April 2 come take a break, enjoy some food and drinks at the Bruegger’s locations on Hillsborough St (2302 Hillsborough St.) and Mission Valley (2231 Avent Ferry Rd), present the attached flier (paper or electronic copy) and 15% of your sale will go towards the UGSA Relay for Life team. Note that the 15% only applied with a flier presented during check out!

Quiz Cup: Round Two

The second round of Quiz Cup starts on March 5th! Quiz Cup is usually held on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM at the Hive, above the Busy Bee (except for the first day, which is a wednesday). The flyer linked below will tell you when its your team’s turn to present – please make it a point to tell grad students in your department which week your department competes, so that you can win the actual Quiz Cup and hold on to it for the next academic year!

Spring 2014 Trivia Cup Round 2 Flyer

UGSA Award for Conferences

Due to the existing NC weather, we have decided to extend the submission deadline for the UGSA Award for Conferences. The new deadline isĀ Monday, February 17th, 2014 by 5:00 PM. All materials, including letters of recommendation, must be sent to the UGSA Vice-President of Academic Affairs by that day in order to be consired. Thanks to everyone who have already submitted applications.

Service Raleigh

The UGSA Community Service Committee has organized a group to participate in Service Raleigh on Saturday, March 29, 2014!
Service Raleigh is an annual citywide day of service started in 1998 by NC State’s Student Government and Park Scholars. Each year, volunteers from the university and surrounding community unite to undertake a variety of projects, each of which provides much needed assistance to local organizations. This is a one day event, typically lasting from morning to mid-afternoon and is family friendly!
Registration is now open and will close on March 1st or once 2,000 volunteers sign up so go ahead and reserve your spot! To sign up, go to the website below and once you have provided your personal information, join the UGSA group.

Group Name: NCSU Graduate Student Association
Group Password: UGSA

On the day of Service Raleigh we will meet at Harris Field, which is across from Bragraw Residence Hall, on the corner of Dan Allen Drive and Cates Avenue. From there we will provide UGSA volunteers transportation to our assigned worksite.More information will be provided closer to the event. We are hoping for a huge turnout and are excited to represent the UGSA!

NC State Sustainability Fund

What would you do with up to $30,000 to make NC State more sustainable?

Now is the time to turn your idea into reality on campus. Proposals are being accepted for the first round of grant funding from the newly-created Student Sustainability Fund. Projects can focus on sustainability-related outreach, education, improvements to campus and more. Learn more and apply by March 17 at

TA Improv: 2/11/14, SAS 5270

Graduate Students and Postdocs!

It’s the UGSA Teaching Effectiveness Committee’s pleasure to invite NCSU grad students and postdocs interested in improving their teaching and public speaking skills to:

TA Improv!

What is it? Informal sessions to practice giving short guided presentations and receive written feedback from peers.

Where is it? SAS Hall, Room 5270 (North Campus)

When is it? First session on Tuesday Feb 11, 4-5 PM

Who is it for?

  • -Total beginners (practice makes perfect, so come practice with us!)
  • -Seasoned instructors (wouldn’t you love to really polish your style?)
  • -And EVERYONE in between!

So, you’re intrigued… what are the sessions like, you wonder. In an informal setting, we take turns describing the contents of comic strips, images, or short paragraphs. We create an environment where it’s easy to focus on speech volume, style, body language, and so on without the pressure of speaking about academic content. Participants write anonymous feedback and suggestions for one another, giving you a chance to identify those bad habits and ditch them before your next teaching assignment, job market presentation, or conference talk.

This is a great opportunity to boost your confidence and improve your communication skills! We look forward to seeing you there.